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Occupy Wall Street Meets Winter: Next Steps to Fight the Cold

By Yotam Marom Originally published by Organizing Upgrade on December 17, 2011 Winter Has Arrived. We Do Not Fear the Cold. On September 17th, we took Liberty Square, used it to begin to create the social norms and institutions of a society to come, and became the Occupy Movement. We hit the streets fiercely, abandoning … Continue reading

Still Winning: Occupy Wall Street and the World We Want

By Yotam Marom November 23, 2011 A Brief Account: The Growth and Repression of OWS Occupy Wall Street celebrated its two-month anniversary by taking the streets of New York City in a full day of mass direct action. We celebrated the hundreds of occupations that have sprung up across the country and around the world. … Continue reading

Liberating the Impossible

Yotam Marom November 6, 2011 A Mass Movement and Dual Power We are almost at the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Hundreds of occupations have sprung up across the country and around the world. Hundreds of thousands have participated by marching, carrying out civil disobedience, and putting their bodies in motion. Millions … Continue reading

We Are Winning – What Do We Want?

Yotam Marom October 13, 2011 The Movement Is Growing This time it was even harder to break away to write. LibertyPlazais teeming with people gathering for assemblies, talking politics, or meeting in work teams. 300 occupiers are listening intently to a lecture on participatory economics, while others are posing for pictures with the enormous golden … Continue reading

Live from Liberty Plaza: A Brief Analysis from a Wall Street Occupier

Yotam Marom October 4, 2011 Writing for Ourselves The occupation of Wall Street is now in its third week. Thousands of people have worked and fought for it, have given it their time, their bodies, their ideas, their blood. People have used their bodies as shields, sent letters of solidarity, marched, slept out, donated, tweeted, … Continue reading